Expert Witness & Litigation Consulting

Giltspur has experience in providing expert witness and litigation consulting services in relation to existing or planned litigation claims, applying its extensive expertise in securitisation, structured finance and complex financial products towards the analysis of products/markets and the development/defense of claims for the benefit of claimants, defendants and their counsel.

Giltspur has provided expert witness and litigation consulting services on a wide range of matters including SIV structures, asset / fund management, investment advice, credit derivatives, ABS, CDOs, CMBS, tri-party repo, RMBS mortgage residuals, Madoff-related issues and financial markets enforcement strategies:

Expert matterClaimantDefendantSide
Asset management losses on ABSInstitutional InvestorAsset ManagerDefendant
Credit derivative lossesInvestment BankCommercial BankClaimant
CMBS lossesAlt Asset ManagerVariousClaimant
SIV lossesHedge Fund ManagerInsurance syndicateDefendant
Contract claim/enforcementCompany LiquidatorGreek GovernmentClaimant
CDO lossesCommercial BankInvestment BankClaimant
Regulatory breachAsset ManagerInsurance syndicateDefendant
Potential regulatory issuesInstitutional InvestorAsset ManagerDefendant
Asset management losses on ABSPension FundAsset ManagerClaimant
Madoff lossesInvestment BankInsurance syndicateDefendant
Asset management lossesHedge Fund ManagerInsurance syndicateDefendant
Asset management losses on ABSInsurance syndicateAsset ManagerClaimant
Madoff lossesCommercial BankInsurance syndicateDefendant
Asset management lossesAsset ManagerInsurance syndicateDefendant
Madoff lossesInvestment BankInsurance syndicateDefendant
Losses on convertible bondsFundInsurance syndicateDefendant
Asset management lossesInvestment BankInsurance syndicateDefendant
Repo close-out losses on ABSAsset ManagerInvestment BankDefendant
Investment advicePublic sector entityInvestment advisorDefendant
Tri-party repo close-out lossesCommercial bankInvestment BankClaimant
Contractual fee disputeInvestment BankPension FundDefendant
Losses on mortgage residualsHedge Fund ManagerInvestment BankClaimant
CMBS loss related to valuationABS SPVProperty valuerDefendant
CMBS loss related to valuationABS SPVProperty valuerDefendant
CMBS loss related to valuationABS SPVProperty valuerDefendant
Bilateral Investment Treaty claim enforcementCorporateGovernmentClaimant
Synthetic CDO lossesPublic sector entitiesCredit Rating AgencyDefendant
Loan loss related to valuationCorporateProperty valuerClaimant