Litigation Funding

The costs of bringing a litigation claim are significant, and whilst some law firms are willing to work on “no-win, no-fee” basis on certain types of claims, law firms are often capital-constrained and risk averse. Giltspur provides funding for claimants seeking to litigate that are unwilling or unable to bear litigation costs.

Giltspur funds a range of litigation, including anti-trust, breach of contract, breach of duty, breach of regulation / mis-selling, consumer class action / mass tort, deceit / breach of trust, treaty claim (including bilateral investment treaties, free trade agreements), negligence.

Unlike most litigation funders, Giltspur also has financial expertise, and extensive expertise in complex financial disputes and innovative product design. Leading City of London law firm RPC provides expertise on the merits of different claims. RPC specializes in the resolution and/or litigation of banking, financial, commercial, taxation and insolvency and other disputes for its UK and international clients and has resources and expertise across a wide range of commercial disputes, regardless of complexity or scale.

Giltspur is flexible and has a range of solutions:

  • Industry standard funding solutions (funding litigation costs for a share of the potential damages)

  • Hybrid DBAs for law firms (enabling partial WIP monetization), and other WIP portfolio funding

  • Funding for corporate litigation portfolios, distressed / NPL assets, and restructurings

  • Funding for both small cases and large cases (we have funded cases with funding requirements from £100,000 to £10,000,000)

Giltspur assesses claims on the basis of a number of criteria:

  • Commercial & rational claimant

  • Probability of success

  • Ratio of damages-to-costs

  • Adverse costs coverage

  • Enforceability against defendant

  • Defendant creditworthiness / proof of assets

  • Likely potential claim term

  • Settlement potential