Blockchain & Digital Services

Giltspur holds a material interest in Temtum, a UK-based advanced technology business focused on blockchain, AI and cybersecurity that has developed and launched a proprietary, world-class technology – the Temporal Blockchain – that enables the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective payment and trading system network:

  • Ultra-fast – 120,000 tps with near instant settlement

  • Massively scalable – immediate scalability for millions of users

  • Quantum resistant – proprietary consensus mechanism utilizing quantum entanglement for future-proofing

  • Fully tested by British Standards Institution – the independent UK national standards body

  • Patented technology – patents granted, with further patents pending

  • Socially inclusive/accessible – usable via smartphones, Internet of Things devices, drones, cars, etc

  • Carbon neutral – no energy consuming / environmentally damaging “mining” process

  • Virtually zero operating costs – purely nominal transaction fees

Temtum’s technology has a massive range of applications for high-volume, high-speed, secure internet-based activity including payments, financial services, insurance, secure communications, defense/intelligence, logistics, internet of things, etc.

Temtum is cultivating a leading position on African Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Mobile Money Platforms, with the goal of becoming the primary CBDC / payment solution across Africa.