Insolvency Claims

Giltspur provides funding to West 28th, a UK-based business that invests in the claims and debts of businesses facing closure, restructuring or insolvency – providing businesses and insolvency practitioners with the knowledge that they are acting in the best interests of creditors, whilst avoiding spending time and money on protracted litigation.

West 28th distinguishes itself from other insolvency claims acquirers by:

  • Quickly responding to funding requests

  • Always looking to widen the scope of claims under the Insolvency Rules 1986 that could be included as part of a Part 7 claim instead, for instance, for accessory liability, conspiracy in tort, etc.

  • Thought leadership
  • Funding claims with an aggregate value of as little as £40,000 (e.g. claims against dormant companies illegally taking bounce-back loans)

  • Pursuing cryptocurrency and other complex claims

  • Acquiring claims not just from insolvency practitioners but also from businesses unable to pay the legal fees and disbursements needed to pursue these claims